Drive not showing in win 7 but in bios

Something crazy happened I went to reboot my computer and after the post test I got the boot manger was missing.. OK so it must of been one of the ram sticks not seated right or whatever.. so i got all my drives showing (2) SATA and (1) PATA drive and I sort them out in which one had the boot info and all that..

both SATA showed up under bios for the respective ports they were plugged in but when I got into windows 7 I noticed one of the drives not showing up.. So I look under the disk manger and I don't see it listed as well.. Anyone else had this happen? Any clues on what to do?
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  1. Hmm well it seems like both still spin but one drive was bringing down the whole controller in which it made the dvd writer not show or the other hard drive not show.

    Both are same make a model but it ended up being one of the drives I guess has a sector issue.. in the meantime I just pulled the power on it for the time being.
  2. Figured out what the issue was
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