Upgrade from 20 to 24 monitor with 8800 gts N92 as card?

I am currently contemplating getting the 24 inch dell on sale (link below) to replace my 20.1 inch monitor (making it a second monitor to replace my old 17). My only hang up is Im not sure how well my 8800gts N92 will run in the 1900X1200 resolution. Currently it runs games like dawn of war 2 and C&C on 1680 X 1050 without incident and I am not looking to incur a huge degredation in performance with the new resolution.


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  1. I primarily plan to play games like Dawn of War 2, C&C 4, Star Craft 2, WOW, Diablo 3 etc...
  2. You might want to lower quality, wait these games are kind of old so you might notice a largish drop in frames.
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