Move pagfile and hibernate.sys to hdd

hey there. ive got a 60gb ssd on my computer with windows 7. the pagefile and hybernate.sys are using like 13 gb of space... is it possible for me to move the pagefile and hybernate files to my hdd?
my system:
i5 2500k-oced to 4.3
Gigabyte z68-a-d3h-b3
GSKILL 2133 Ram- 8gb
OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD
730 WAtt psu
Coolermaster hyper 212 evo
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  1. Try these SSD tweaks:

    The SSD Review: The SSD Optimization Guide

    OCZ Blog: SSD Tips and Tweaks

    Careful with the pagefile. I leave mine alone.
  2. Yes, definitely move the pagefile to a hdd. System control panel, advanced system settings, advanced tab, performance settings, advanced, hit the change virtual memory button, turn it off on the ssd and on for the hdd of your choice make it a single size for top and bottom value about equal to your memory amount.

    And no to the hibernation file (, just disable hibernation.
  3. please explain why should one enable Pagefile on the secondary HDD (primary is a SSD). I have read a few tips and tweaks and they say to disable them for both disks.
    (I do not mean to not-follow your advice, I just want to understand better how things work)
    Thank you.
  4. If you have a lot of memory and never hit the physical memory limit you do not need pagefile, but just to be safe and avoid a rare BSOD it is best to have one available, but it does not need to waste space on the SSD as it will rarely if ever be accessed if you have sufficient ram. I just set the hdd pagefile to 8gb high and low limit on an hdd, with my 16gb of ram -- unlikely it will ever be used up unless I get to many virtual machines open.
  5. 1.5 x ram = pagefile size
    everything u ever wanted to know about pagefile, and some u dont.
  6. Pagefile existence and location has become a "religious" question: There are many schools of thought, and all of them are correct. Read the various takes and take your pick.

    I'm a bit odd; I leave my pagefile on my SSD. I bought the SSD to work for me. Why slow down my machine by not using my fastest drive for paging? My scratch directories are on it, too. So it will wear out in 4 years instead of 6; by then I'll be able to buy one ten times the size, four times the speed, for the same price.
  7. ^+1 Agree.

    You got a SSD, now use it!
  8. foscooter said:
    ^+1 Agree.

    You got a SSD, now use it!

    You are right.
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