Dead motherboard? Possible damage to other componets?

Hello, my cat recently sprayed urine on my computer. I found it the next morning and cleaned up all of it I could find with rubbing alcohol and left it to dry for 48 hours.
Unfortunately, the computer not turning back on. When I plug the computer in, the orange motherboard light turns on but nothing else, no fans, clicks, nor beeps. I don't have a multimeter or another board I could test my CPU or ram in. I am going to test my power supply in another computer to see if it has shorted out. My major question is: if the my motherboard shorted out/broke, what is the chance that the power supply/CPU and RAM are broken too? Also, is there anything else I could possible to do save my system?

It is an ECS brand motherboard with an i5 processor and DDR3 RAM
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  1. There is always the chance that the shorted mobo took another component with it. The only way to test that is to plug the components in another system.
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