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...when you hold your new HDD drive in your hands for the first time and you turn it 180 degress is there supposed to be a sound like a small chamber of sand moving inside? Its NOT a rattle. NOOOOOOOOOOOB alert I know, but.....?
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  1. No, there should be no sound when turning the HDD 180 degrees. I think the spindle inside the HDD broke.
  2. Ok, you are going to laugh. prepare yourself for the biggest noob ever.

    the sound was the small bag of 'do not eat' material inside the bag of the HDD.

    sorry for being dumb, you are welcome for the laugh.
  3. LMFAO! That was hilarious. I lol'd irl. :P
  4. HAHAHAHAHA, yea I know....get used to it. Tasted like laundry powder, vision getting blurry.
  5. Did you eat some too?
  6. I laughted too, but not as hard as e98. :P
  7. Yea well between laughs can one of you geniuses tell me what the hell is up with my mobo.

    PULEASE go and read my other thread asking about voltages and tell me whats up. Thanks.

    Promise to do something just as dumb if not dumber really soon.
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