Laptops to begin to standardly support more ram?

I have my desktop system built, and now with college approaching, I need to pick out a laptop. However, every laptop with greater than 4GB of ram seems to jump hundreds of dollars in price. I was wondering if anybody could verify, with the prices of RAM currently being extremely low, if laptops would begin increasing included RAM size as a standard. I figure if so, it'll pay to wait before purchasing a laptop for college.
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  1. yes, laptops begin increasing included RAM size as a standard. Now some laptops have 4GB of RAM, expandable to 8GB. But, the price is also higher.
    what would u use laptop for? including gaming?
    If you're only doing programming, writing stuffs, and such, 2GB is fine. But if you do multimedia, graphic design/rendering, AutoCAD, then at least 4GB. If you game heavy games, such as Starcraft II, 4GB is required.
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