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Ok I just finished my new build. I am ready to install windows but before I do I need to figure something out. I want to put Windows 7 and only certain games on the SSD. I would like everything else, games, documents, pictures, ect to go to the HDD. Is there a way to set things to I can always choose what folder to INSTALL to? I know I can change download location through my browser but I would like certain program files to reside on the HDD for games that are less important and regular programs while the important things need installed on the SSD. From start to finish how do I set this up?
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  1. When you go to install basically any program there should be an advanced option which lets you specify which folder want to install it to. That will let you select where each program you install ends up.

    The way I prefer to get doc, pics, music setup is to install Windows as your normally would (with only the SSD connected) get drivers and all that sorted out. Then hook up your storage HD. I usually create a folder on the storage drive the same as the username of the acct i'm using, and then open up the user accounts folder from the start menu. There should be Music, Pictures etc in there, and if you right click and select properties you will see a location tab, change the location there to the storage drive you want the files located on. You will need to do that with each folder in there you want to work that way.

    Re-Post if something doesn't make sense in that please.
  2. Is the advanced option only there if you have 2 drives? My current computer does not have that option but it only has one HDD. However does that also mean I need to add like a program file folder in the storage drive for programs I want there?

    For the documents and pictures I do believe I understand what you're saying. Just replicate the folder that is titled you username, that is on the main drive, on the storage drive. Now then when you say open that folder do you mean the original or the new one? I'm guessing you mean the original and then change the location to the new drive folder correct? This is done by highlighting the new folder and clicking "include a folder"?
  3. I didn't do a great job of explaining here based on your responses. I'll hunt for a tutorial and repost tomorrow, or maybe someone will pickup the thread with a more thorough explanation tonight.
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