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A friend of mine recently has had a problem with his Vista computer.
It was in his garage gathering dust while he was on vacation, and now he is back and for whatever reason, the computer will not be detected by the monitor. I have tried to help him, we've tried 4 different monitors that all work fine on my computer, we have even tried inserting another graphics card and still no luck.

We've tried using the NVIDIA 9800GT 1GB and the 7600GT 512MB cards.

His mobo doesn't beep on startup, though he says it never did so I doubt thats the problem.
And also something that is strange, whenever he starts his computer, it will restart itself once or twice before actually running. Is this a sign of a dying mobo or PSU?

thanks for help in advance.
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  1. You said gathering dust, actually open it and check for dust. Can you list your PC specs?
  2. Could be dust or oxidation of contacts. Try using a can of air or a small (1 or 2 inch) never-been-used natural bristle paint brush. Disconnect the computer power cord, open the case, blow/brush out the dust from cards and heatsinks and fans (carefully). Ground yourself and remove and reinstall the RAM and each of the expansion cards. Reconnect the power cord, power-on the computer and see if it works.
  3. alright, I'll tell him that. In the mean time, sorry, can't get the specs. I'll get back to you guys and share whether or not it works.
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