Im needing a graphic where i can see the FPS Of GTA 4 at top resolution.i really apretiated it.tks Hernan
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  1. GTA4 is very poorly coded and sucks up CPU power like a black hole. It's actually very CPU dependent, as much so as GPU dependent.

    We'll need your full system specs, power supply, and budget - as well as your monitor resolution.
  2. True Bluescreendeath about the CPU dependent. hernan9999 i would go with a minimum of a quad core at 3.6GHz (overclocked or not), 4GB of RAM and a HD5870 if it was me.
  3. GTA 4 is a very poor port of a console game. A quad core CPU is recommended, dual core CPU is considered minimum, and a single core CPU means you are out of luck. That means the game is very CPU limited.

    Back when the game came out, I remember reading complaint from someone who had a powerful quad core CPU (Q9650??) and 8800GTX video card. Standing still he only managed to get 20 FPS @ 1920 x 1200 resolution.
  4. This chart should should you just how CPU limited GTA 4 is, its at 1280x1024 and only medium settings and not a single CPU was able to raise the FPS over 63 on average.

    Here is a chart from the 5870 release article showing you the performance levels of various GPUs are various resolutions, note that the most powerful setups hit a CPU bottleneck

    If you plan to play GTA 4 at highest resolution and settings you are going to need a top of the line rig, not because its a good test of hardware like crysis, mostly because its coding sucks.
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