Fight! Sabertooth X58 vs P6X58D Premium vs Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5

as you can see i have picked 3 motherboards, but one one is best :heink: .

Sabertooth X58

P6X58D Premium

Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5

And the problem is that i don't know what one to pick.

I want a motherboard that, is good at overclocking, and has some cool features :)

I am going to have intel core i 950

Kingston HyperX 3x2 gb

and at some point i am going to get SLI gtx 580

So if you can help me i would be very greatful :)
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  1. Between the Sabertooth X58 and the GA-X58A-UD5, I'd choose the latter. More PCIEx16 slots, higher top RAM speed (to the best of my recollection), and, what is important to me, a more productive RAID-10 configuration is possible (namely a 25% throughput increase - in theory - over the Sabertooth X58). In case of using RAID-0, the possible increase is 25%, and with RAID-5 - a 40% increase on reads. Do keep in mind that these are coarse calculations that assume the SATA bus won't be the bottleneck. Also, it has not only optical SPDIF outlet but Coaxial as well, which may come in handy. Funny enough, it's even a couple of dollars cheaper, not that it matters on this scale.
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