Sony VGC-RB30 doesn't boot up after upgrading from onboard graphics

Hi there, I got a Sony VGC-RB 30
and I wanted to upgrade from onboard graphics. So I upgraded the PSU to 500W and bought a MSI 5770 Hawk. When I plug it in and start the computer all the vans run full speed, but the computer does not boot up. The usual beep when booting does not come. If I pull the power from the graphics card the beep comes, but there is also another beeping sound that does not stop.
I pulled the graphics card, started into safe mode and disabled the onboard graphics and put the GC back in. The results are still the same.

Can someone help me...
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  1. Did you upgrade the 305W PSU, it's a little small to power the beast 5770.
  2. wait what brand is your upgraded 500W PSU. Is there a problem when you remove the card?
  3. Thanks for the rply. I upgraded to a 3R System iCEAGE 500 W Power Supply. It was tested on and got a silver award.
    Yesterday we tested another graphics card and the computer booted up. After that we pluged the 5770 Hawk into another computer and we got the same result. Computer does not boot. So I guess the card is DOA - at least I hope so :-)
    Now I'll send it back to newegg and wait for a new one. I'll keep you posted.
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    That sounds pretty reasonable. I always suggest doing as much testing as you can (in a short period of time) then RMAing the card. If the next card has the same result, then reevaluate.
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