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Displayport Link Failure

Hi there, i was playing World of Warcraft on my new computer (don't judge) in eyefinity 5040 x 1050 (3x asus 22inck). Rig: I5-750, 8gig of patriot ddr3, mobo msi p55-gd55 and video is ATI Radeon 5850. While playing i got all my monitors showing a difference color (like brown, black and the 3rd dark pink) both i could still ear the game, then all went black, then went back to game... so I alt-tab to check if anything went wrong and ATI say this message:DisplayPort Link Failure. I checked the cable (Bizlink) that goes from DP to DVI all seems to be ok. Anyone knows what makes that 5 second freezes (with color and stuff) or anyone else is getting this in eyefinity? in the same or different game? anyone knows how to fix this ? (btw i'm getting this every 2-3 hoursish...annoying...TY for helping
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  1. The next time this happens can you control alt delete while on the start menu open catalyst, open Overdrive, and tell me the temps?
  2. the last 2 times where at 47 and 51 celcius with a fan at 22% and 31% (overdrive is still lock)
  3. Those are normal temps at idle, other than that are you connecting each with a different interface like DVI or HDMI?
  4. 2 of them with the DVI to DVI cables and the 3rd one with a bizlink displayport to DVI cable...blizzard asked me my Dxdiag and msinfo ...still no anwser has if it's me or wow or eyefinity issue :(
  5. BTW it has done it again but this time at 50% fan and 60 Celcius witch seems still within resonable temps....Windows ain't giving me any failures at drivers issue, no warning no updates needed and same from ATI..nothing all seems ok but in WOW with that 3 screens color freezes issues :(
  6. Not sure if this is the problem, I looked up your adapter, I don't know if it's active or passive adpter as Eyefinity requires that users purchase an active adapter in order to use it. Otherwise I would suggest you RMA the card if its displaying pictures in three different shades of color.
  7. let me specify and btw ty mister g for replying :) all screen go black then each and everyone of them goes one full color exemple..the left screens goes purple (all of it) then the middle black and the left all brown for like 3 seconds then everything goes back in the game ok...and the adapter is active (110$ cdn it better be active lol) and i did switch cards with my wife (she has the same 5850 with only 1 23 inch monitor) and the result are the same for me (in wow that is) otherwise i have no issues what so ever in windows or like other games :( so far. again thanks for your time.
  8. Can you contact the company who made your card? Also how big is your power supply?
  9. If Blizzard doesn`t fix my issue i will call HIS and my PSU is a 850w (only feeding an I5, ATI 5850, one hard drive, one dvd burner and 2 x 120mm fans)
  10. Your mobo has twp PCI-E ports, did you install it in the x16 slot? Tell me how it goes with HIS.
  11. i doubled checked and yep it is in the 16x ticket is still open with wow so i'm still waiting.
  12. I'm with ATI (amd) graphic support right now regarding my Displayport Link Failure and since my 3rd monitor (the dp to dvi one) is still working even do i'm getting the failure i'm getting transfer to 2nd line...funny that the tech from the second line is asking me the same question has you already did lol...still on hold...if this doesn't work with them i'll call HIS after i guess :( even do i don't see how they could help more then ati...
  13. Nice power shortage while on the phone with ATI...will have to call back if he's first suggestion doesn't work...apparently they are 10 usb port on my mobo, confirmed :) 6 are high speed and 4 low speed or something like this. The tech from ATI explained to me that my DP to DVI adapter might be plugged into a low one and suggested to switch to one of the 6 high speed one's. Since my manual doesn't tell me witch its witch...i see behind my mobo 4 of them grouped togheter and 6 others i switched the to one of them. Lets see if the problem persist or not before call back.
  14. Well hope this sticks...since i've change the usb from the DP to DVI into the good usb port on my mobo i haven't had any of the previous issues !!! If it works like this in the next few days without any error none whats so ever i'll post back has a the problem permently solve !!
  15. Since hwen did USB outout video? Anyway hope it works. Still kind of confused how USB matter unless the adapter is also plugged into a USB. Does the adapter plug into DVI and a USB port? It would make sense since USB supplies power and data.
  16. its not a usb output video...its on the bizlink video adapter witch goes from the displayport to a box and from that small box goes one usb cable back to the mobo for power then another cable from the box to dvi (3rd monitor)

    btw still no issues !
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    Good for you, hope you have no more problems. Enjoy WoW, I don't judge people by what they play.
  18. The Displayport error seems to be gone but now i got a new one :( why me ?
    I'm new getting once in a while, Ati drivers has stopped working and windows has recovered (i'll wait before crying) this might have just been a once in a time bad luck since it only happens once inlike 5 hours of game play.
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  20. I would uninstall the graphics drivers and Catalyst ,then install your manufacteror's drivers and hope it works.
  21. I am having the exact same issues! except i am using a DP to VGA passive adaptor instead. I have tried 2 different adaptors and still the same issue. I have tried the new ati 10.6 drivers and tried the 10.5 drivers. same problem.. When in any game, MW2 or BC2 after a certain amount of time. Infact at random times the screen will freeze and tiny artifacts and pixels will appear sort of int he center but all around all monitors. The monitors will change color like each one is slightly different. then they will blink and turn to black then if the game hasnt crashed or disconnected then im back in. 10 seconds later, 5 footsteps away in my game and it does it again. When im on the desktop of the PC i have no problems. Only problem is when im playing a game. Oh and sometimes i may catch my monitor that is the DP to VGA flicker or something weird goes on for a split second in one end of the monitor.

    If i try unplugging the dp to vga and just using the other 2 dvi monitors everything is fine. and the game runs smoothly. Obviously something is happeneing when i plug in this adaptor. Im assuming its drivers because i have already tried two different brands and the exact same issue. And it was working with one single monitor so i doubt its the video card.

    Please help!

    I am using the ati 5870 1g
  22. I have spent days and hours trying to figure this out! I have done everthing everybody has done and finally came up with a solution. Do not use Sapphire 5870 Vapour x 1 gig, this card for some reason does not support eyefinity three monitors. With that card you will get one monitor that sleeps and the only way to recover it is to unplug and replug the usb off of the active displayport. I went back to my asus 5870 1 gig voltage tweak card and boom problem solved. And giving the displayport its own dedicted power supply does not work, trust me if you have this problrm it is the video card. You have to find the right manufacturer, asus works ( for now i hope for good) sapphire does not, and i havent tried xfx, msi or his. good luck
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