How to find hidden partition on external hard disk?

I have Iomega 320 GB external hard disk.In GParted live it shows only 298 GB.How can I find the hidden partition
of about 22 GB and recover earlier status?
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  1. 1) Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management and look at the picture at the bottom.

    2) The vendor describes drives in "gigabtypes" (GB), or 10**9 bytes. The system and tools like GParted describe drives in "Gigabytes" (GiB), or 2**30 bytes. 320 GB is the unformatted capacity, or 298.02 GiB. You haven't lost anything.

    Note that "GiB" is a fairly recent term and you will not see it in the system tools,which will say GB. The difference of the first letter being capitalized is even more subtle, and not often respected.
  2. Any hard drive you buy is going to describe its capacity in decimal, while the computer uses binary, which is the measure you're used to.

    1 GiB == 1,073,741,824 bytes (one binary gigabyte)
    1 GB == 1,000,000,000 bytes (one decimal gigabyte)
    1 Gib == 134,217,728 bytes (one binary gigabit)
    1 Gb == 125,000,000 bytes (one decimal gigabit)

    Nice and confusing, especially since most people just use GB with an arbitrary capitalization regardless of what they mean.
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