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My girlfriends mother gave her the old computer she had and after I fresh intalled xp on it I tried to plug in my monitor to the graphics card but a message came up, cannot display this. Optimized for 1078 784 or something. Sorry for being so brief im kind of in a rush. Well when I plug in the other monitor to the On board card it works as a dual display and the graphics card monitor works. But it doesnt work when its the only one plugged in. Its reading the graophics card because I can change settings/update drivers etc etc and it shows it running. In Dxdiag the driver running the other monitor is VGA.dll. Any help please? The Video card is Nvidia Geforce fx 5500
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  1. Computers shouldn't be able to output to both video card and onboard, go into BIOS click F2 or 12 and enter the menu, there should be a video option disable onboard and switch to add in card. When you next boot remember to plug the output cable into the card's ports.
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