Hyper 212 evo not performing

hey guys, so with prime95 running large FFT's my i5-3570 at 3.4 with 3.8 turbo is sitting at 72oC and on an intel stock cooler (i cant remember what i was doing i believe playing planetside 2) i hit 82oC. is this temp normal for the hyper212 evo to hit? temps in the bottom of the case are 29oC (thats only a couple above ambient)
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    those temps are way to high, also are your idle temps about the same as your motherboard temps(they should be). I am not saying this is best practice but i would make sure you are grounded by touching your case and then press down on your CPU cooler and see if that makes your temperatures go down. If your temps go down then you need to reseat your cooler and reapply thermal paste. clean everything well and find a good youtube video for the install process.
  2. i thought the temps were out...
    currently my CPU is at 42oC (web browsing) and the motherboard is at 28oC...
    these temps are similar to what i saw with the stock cooler.
    i have an anti-static, ill use that, but good idea
    i think i did the thermal paste alright, i used AS-5 applied it very thinly all over the heatsink base with a business card?
    ill check out youtube and read around anyway, thanks for the help!

    EDIT: when i posted CPU temp had dropped to 35oC and then to 36oC when i wrote this edit

    EDIT2: i tried pressing the heatsink into the CPU and saw no reasonable temperature drop (instad of moving around 36-34 it moved from 36-33, so obviously not the main problem)
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