Which PC card will work with DirecTV?

I have DirecTV service with the receiver box but I would like to watch TV on my computer. Is there a card that will allow me to connect DirecTV box to the computer? I have regular satalite service - not HD.

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  1. When the receiver outputs to your TX, is a with a coaxial cable that you have to screw in? If so go to any electronic store or online to find a tv card for PC.
  2. Yes, a coaxial cable leads from the sateite into the transformer box then out of the transformer box to my TV. I just didn't know if the signal is different because the TV card boxes say several different things, none of which I understand.
  3. Why Not A Standard TV Tuner Card With A/V And Coaxial Inputs?
  4. That is my question - will a standard TV Tuner card work with the DirecTV box since it is a digital signal?
  5. The tv card should work because people routinely connect a tv card with a cable box to skip expensive DVR/Tivo. It's electrical signa;s, either analog or digital.
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