2500k bsod 0124 after a long time stable?

I overclocked my cpu quite a while ago it passed prime 95 stress testing cores never went above 65c package never over 70
its a 2500k no need to go into full specs. i have my multiplier on 45 speed step spectrum disabled so my bus speed is 100mhz i have my vdroop set on level 3 (for asrock users ) offset voltage was on -.015v for a while but i got a bsod and jumped it up to -0.10v was stable for a long time in game stress testing all that. than randomly yesterday i bsod'ed with a 0124 i though it was just a one time thing but than today i bsod'ed same code one time than i started to worry so i reset went to open chrome and a minute after the first bsod today and boom another bsod all the same code 0124. my max vcore according to hwmonitor i have ever seen is 1.32v and usually i idle at 1600 mhz 0.9v ish. ive read all sorts of possibility's but this is just odd to me i was stable for so long than all of a sudden bsod after bsod
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  1. Last week through Monday, I experienced a few too many BSODs. I did extensive troubleshooting and I think I finally solved the issue on Monday because it hasn't BSOD'ed for three days now.

    I would annoyingly get the BSOD within minutes or under two hours after each crash incident.

    What was BSOD'ing my PC were driver issues... a USB 3.0 controller driver and HDD driver. I suggest you try installing updates (both Windows and Device Drivers).
  2. i know this sounds like a stupid question but how would i go about uninstalling drivers?(never been much on software) the only thing ive installed recently drivers/anything is a driver for a usb 2.0 camera
  3. You can easily uninstall device drivers using Device Manager (from the Start Menu in the Search box, just type Device Manager)

    Herewith a youtube video showing 'How to Remove Old Device Drivers from Vista & Windows 7'

    If it's not driver issues causing BSOD, it could be that you have a faulty hardware device, but my guess is on the drivers.
  4. How would i be able to tell what driver the camera was?
  5. well, my guess is that prolly you should redo your OC. Meaning, try set it at a stock clock, and then, build from there, maybe 200-300mhz per step up. After that, try to settle with the most stablest OC at maybe 4.2~4.3 ghz, it's 200~300 less than your current OC, but hey, at least im trying to save you from bsod so much...
  6. Well since i went to -0.05v instead of -0.10 it stopped im going to try to go -0.10v again soon and see if i bsod again.
  7. yup, you should spend hours of stress test dude, if you want your chip to endure big time..
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