I am new at building PC. Need avice on gaming PC

Hi, guys.
I will move to Arizona (hot weather) in August 2010.
I will need a new computer around that time.
I am not in a hurry so it's possible that I will build it in October 2010.
But anyway, I wanna have a basic idea of how my future PC is going to be like.

Price: $1200 or less around summer 2010 time period. (I can wait until winter).
Games: starcraft2, Diablo3, Splinter cell:Conviction, Dead rising2, and Crysis2
OC: I live in hot area, new to overclocking, and I need to pay for electricity so I don't want my computer to take too much electricity.

First of all, I don't know how much I can spend but I don't want it to exceed $1200 when I include everything; monitor, speaker. I don't know much about which speaker is better but I think cheap $20 should be fine. When it comes to a monitor, I am currently using 19 inch but I want it to be at least 21 inch.
If I think monitor cost $200, I guess pc should cost around $1000.

When it comes to games that I want to run, I am planning to run starcraft2, Diablo3, Splinter cell:conviction, Dead rising2, Crysis2 without any problems. Shorter loading time, full frame rate at high option would be great. I don't see much difference between high and very high so i am happy as long as I can run at high option. I don't like medium option though. When it comes to AA, well....x8 is too extreme, as long as i can turn on x2 or x4 for AA, I am happy.

Currently, I am thinking about i5 750, i7 860, 920 or 930. I heard that all of these can be overclocked at 3.6Ghz. And I heard that i5 750 and i7 860 uses cheaper socket motherboard.

However, I read that i7 920 requires less voltage to overclock than i5 750 so I think maybe it's better for me to get 920 since I am new to overclocking and I am too scared to make my CPU explode. Like I said, I will move to Arizona which is famous for being really hot (probably as hot as Florida).

I read that Nvidia is releasing a new powerful graphic card called Permi(?) but it's too expensive and requires a lot of electricity. Which one do you guys recommend that can run all the games I listed and also cheap, less heat, and less electricity? I don't think I will OC GPU although I wanna OC my CPU.

Some people say get 6GB ram but wouldn't 4 GB ram be enough?

And what motherboard would you say is good to OC my CPU of whatever CPU you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Quick response as I'm kind of on the move atm...

    - Its basically impossible to part out a computer that wont be built for 6 months. When actually going through the final stages of picking out parts, sometimes their price and availability change *by the day*. 6-7 months is not even possible to be accurate.
    - For games you only need 4GB RAM
    - Fermi will use extreme amounts of electricity for its performance.

    If you are planning to build the thing for august to use over the summer or whatever, then starting now isn't a terrible idea. It might take a week to figure out what parts you want and find the best deals, then you need to order, have them shipped. Build the thing and hope when you push the power button everything works. If it does, great and you have your system early.

    If it doesn't then you have to start the tedious process of figuring out why, and replacing parts if necessary. If you wait too long before the time you need it built, needing to return a part could really screw up your timetable. So you either start looking for parts to purchase soon, or you wait til you're much closer to the time you will actually purchase them before you start picking them out. In my opinion of course...
  2. What resolution did you want to game at? Also is this going to be a gaming pc or will you have a lot of other cpu intensive applications on it? for a gaming computer money is much better spent on a really good graphics card and a decent cpu then the other way around (read as core i7 is probably overkill)
  3. Given all the talk about the games he plays and the settings he wants to achieve, I would guess its a gaming PC. the CPU GPU comment is well made.

    however, also keep in mind it is much more difficult to upgrade a CPU than it is to upgrade a video card. So you don't want to pour money into CPU and MoBo tech that is outdated or will need to quickly be replaced by new games. There is a need for balance.

    For example, don't buy an e7400 and a ATI 5870. bad investment in mobo/ram/CPU in that context.

    But don't buy an i7 and a 4870 either.
  4. True i definately wouldnt recomend an e7400 lol. I should probably point out this article as a good resource though for picking a gaming cpu. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-gaming-cpu,2570.html Especially the chart on the last page really puts things in perspective when it comes to gaming. This next article will also give you a good feel for the right class of graphic cards too -> http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-graphics-card,2569.html. If your too busy to read the article i would highly suggest looking at the last page of each article with the heirarchy chart if nothing else. :)

    It would still depend on what resolution you want to game at though. :)

    btw, i live in arizona too. August is probably one of the worst months of the summer here because the tail end of summer is a lot more humid than the rest of the year. Dont worry though its only bad for about three months of the year and the rest of the time the weather is great.
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