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Any ideas on what company has the best storage drives?
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    For normal drives there isn't a definitive answer to this. Buy based on warranty, price/gb, and speed based on how you plan to use the drive.

    SSD wise people here tend to prefer samsung 830, and intel 520 drives.
  2. Thank you very much for the info--I am more concerned about the software that comes with the drive than I am the drive itself. As you probably know most drives are more or less the same. It's the software that "scares" me. I was recently burned after buying a seagate external only to find out that the software was bogus.
  3. I would suggest not using any software that came with an external drive. If you understand the basics of copying files back/forth there really isn't a need to use that software. If you are using the drive as a backup drive you might want to try using something like, which will let you backup to a usb drive for free, or a lan drive for free.

    I haven't really ever used software that shipped with an external drive so maybe i'm missing the point here. If there is some other function of the software you use please mention it and myself or other likely can suggest another program or method of doing what you need to.
  4. The software that came with my Seagate drive was called "Memeo." Does that ring a bell with anyone? Question: Is "Crashplan" free or is there a cost involved and if so , how much.
  5. It's free to backup to a local drive.
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