Buring CPU ???

ok so i just took out my fan and replaced it with a Hyper 212, at least 10 C cooler now lol =)
but what worries me is when i took out the CPU the thermal seems to dry and burnt? heres a pic
and should i be worrying?

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  1. hi i'm a one hundred percent human race researcher.

    i feeling they are intel architecture processor.

    but i need a meeting in real life.
    i need a other pics.

    and i hope wash your cpu processor with removed thermal.

    for the clean your cpu processor. this is first for the scanning your cpu faults.
  2. ?? this is the best i can do right now i dont have another camera only my cell, but i tihnk that pic shows it all
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    The way I see it, you have applied too much thermal paste. Because of this, the heat from the CPU does not transfer as effectively to the heatsink and causing the heat to go to the thermal paste itself.

    Clean it up again, then try just grain size thermal paste, gently squeeze it carefully using the base of the Heatsink itself to spread it thinly between the CPU and the heatsink base. Lift the heatsink to check that the paste is evenly spread. Once it is, lock the Heatsink properly and you should be okay...

    There are otherways but I prefer that just to avoid messing the thermal paste and waste a good amount from other spreading tools.
  4. thx, o yea forgot to mention that i had to open my cpu for something before and i did not remove that thermal paste and just put some more over it =( was my first time lol, but yea is this a reason?
  5. Yes, that will most probably be the problem. It's a wonder that it did take you down a few degrees lower. But definitely, it will be much better if you apply the thermal paste properly.
  6. You've got way too much thermal paste on there. Clean it off and apply a very thin layer at the most.
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