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I have a computer with 2 HDDs, the first of which is my system hdd of 1tb, the second i use as media storage and is 2tb. I decided to format my computer but I wanted to keep the info on the 2tb so I turned off the computer and disconnected it before formatting. I installed windows 7, turned off computer and installed the 2tb. I started the computer back up and I went into My Computer, double clicked on the 2tb, and now get a window labeled "location not available" and a message stating that "the request could not be performed because of an I/O error". I then proceeded to go into disk management and it says the 2tb is now RAW data. I even tried changing the drive letter to what it used to be and still no luck. Is there no way of salvaging the data, or have i lost all of it?

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    You may want to try running recuva,
    There are several other programs which has similar functions if you hunt through the forums a bit.
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