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My spec: asus m4a79xtd Evo
amd 965
super talent 1600
radeon 5970 gpu
1000 watt psu

Can someone please tell me why my memory is only running at 667 mhz and not at higher seeing that the memory speed is 1600 mhz. In my bios I only have a option of 1333mhz and lower but the moment I boot it goes back to 667mhz even after it was saved. Thanx
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  1. I'm pretty sure a good few people have had issues running 1600MHz RAM with that CPU. To fix it you normally have to either flash your bios, or overclock your FSB to get them to run at 1600. Remember that 667MHz actually means your RAM is running at 1333MHz effective. What options do you have in your BIOS to change the RAM ratio?
  2. Thanx for the answer. I have a frequency setting between auto,800,1067,1333,1600mhz and a voltage setting from 1.5v to 2.5 volt with a 0.02 interval.
  3. I assume the frequency setting is on auto at the moment? If so, try setting this to 1333 and see if that changes your RAM speed. Then try to set this to 1600 to again see if it changes and saves. You might have to lower your CPU multiplier and up your FSB to get your RAM and CPU both running at the correct speed.
  4. Thanx for the advice, it`s running at 1600 mhz at last.
  5. Ahh glad to hear it! 1600MHz - very nice speeds!

    oooh.. and welcome to the forum!
  6. 1600 :-o
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