Intel extreme tuning on 3770k

I was wondering how I could up the processor voltage from what it currently is to 1.15V using the intel extreme tuning utility.

I see a bunch of power settings, but I don't know which one it is. Would it be the additional turbo voltage? What should I set it at?

Also, why are core 1 and two at the same multiplier when at stock settings, but cores 3 and 4 are set lower?

Thanks for the help
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  1. hi there, can i know what motherboard you are using? if you are using ASUS, Gigabyte motherboard, you should access to it's bios setting, and it will have a core multiplier, in which setting it would result in a change of clock speed. i.e.~ 42x = 4.2ghz. and also, search for vcore setting, for an i5 2500K, (which i have previously,) i would set VCore = 1.30V, core multiplier = 42X. in my previous low end Gigabyte Z77M - D3H.
  2. Hi, im actually using an HP envy h9 computer, its not a custom build. Even though I do have access to the core multiplier, it doesn't let me adjust anything else in the bios. Thanks for the help :-)
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