Fans not spinning

i only have the case, powersupply, mobo, cpu, hdd's, disk tray

but i decided to start wiring everything up and i turned on the power supply and the case fans (all fans) wont spin. this is my first build so i dont know if thats normal or not but iam a bit worried and would like to know if something is wrong

i have a ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo and a Corsair TX850W 850W CMPSU-850TX 12V 70A 24PIN ATX Active PFC 140M Fan Power Supply (coolermaster haf932

do i hook up both 12v and 24pin? or just the 12v 8 pin?

i tried the case fans directly through the mobo and the psu

could it be a bad power supply?
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  1. Here is a gift from ... ... ... Us.

    Read this document VERY carefully AND read your mobo manual VERY carefully ... especially ALL diagrams for ALL power connectors.

    You should have read this document BEFORE you started building but it is not too late.

    Skip NO steps .. make NO assumptions (there really could be a standoff shorting you out!). .. Most common causes for your symptoms ...

    1) Not all power connectors are plugged in &/or are not fully aligned and seated.

    2) Ram or GPU (etc.) not fully/properly seated.

    ... Lots of other things, too. Read .. beleive ... DO ! .

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    Like Alvin Smith said, this type of problem comes up so often we made a sticky with a checklist to help troubleshoot it.

    Rooslin said:
    do i hook up both 12v and 24pin? or just the 12v 8 pin?

    You have to plug in both the 24-pin motherboard connector and the 8-pin CPU power connector. There are no power connectors on the motherboard that are just there for looks.
  3. But they *are* "kinda cute"
  4. the thing is i have no ram or video card installed or os just the components i listed i have i still gotta order the last few i just figured the that hooking up the powersupply would atleast get the fans going so iam worried that ive got a bad powersupply
  5. sigh ....
  6. Alvin Smith said:
    sigh ....

    nvm ill just go to another site
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  8. ... or ... you could just relax.
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