Stereo Sound from Mobo playing through on speaker only

I recently built a new computer using an MSI motherboard & vista (can get the exact model if needed - more system info below) that supports stereo sound, 5.1 surround, and 7.1 surround sound options. I installed the drivers for the audio and motherboard and everything seemed to be working great.

However, when I plugged in my stereo system (ran a 3.5mm cable to a splitter that plugs in to the left and right "aux" jacks of my stereo amp), BOTH the left and right channels of sound are playing through ONLY the left speaker.

I've checked the hardware to make sure it's working properly via device manager, I checked the software to make sure it was set to stereo and ran the sound tests. When you run the test - the sound for the left comes through the left speaker and the sound for the right speaker comes through the left speaker just as all other audio.

I also plugged in a set of headphones to check and the same thing happens. I'm going crazy at the moment trying to get this split out. Any ideas on what this could be would be appreciated!!


thermaltake Powersupply
amd cpu (athlon xII socket AM3)
gigabyte radeon 4670 video card
aver media video tv recording card
linksys wireless g card
4 gig ddr3 RAM
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  1. I think the issue might be the splitter cable. Did you try to test that cable on a different setup? Plug it into a laptop and see if it works right. If it doesn't, in could be the cable itself that's defective. If it does, make sure you plug it in the correct audio-out port.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I haven't checked the splitter cable yet as to whether it's working - but I have plugged headphones directly into the onboard sound jack and have the same problem...thus I'm inclined to think the splitter isn't the issue.

    I should also mention I found a small CAP that broke off the motherboard way down by the pci slots after I had built the system. It seems to run completely fine so I didn't worry about it...but is it possible that's why the sound is goofy?

    Thanks again for the reply.
  3. If the mobo is damaged somehow, that indeed could explain the sound issue. Maybe you could return it if the setup is new, and it's still in warranty. A new mobo should have no problems running your sound setup, and I also believe that the current mobo is at fault with it, because the same thing happens with the headphones.
  4. Did you ever figure this out? The same thing is happening to my new Asus Z68-V Pro board when I use the Realtek HD audio output. It works fine if I use my discrete graphics card's built in audio.

    Would love to have all the jacks on the mobo working too!

    Is it a realtek driver issue?
  5. I have the same problem asus z68-v gen 3 mobo and i can only hear sound from the left speaker. I have tried different speakers and it happens with all of them so it can't be the speakers!
  6. does anyone have a solution?
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