Running audio thrugh HDMI tv speakers and 5.1 surround

Ok so computer specs are as follows...

Gigabyte GA-790XT A-UD4
Windows 7 64 bit home premium
Radeon 5850
5.1 analog surround sound system

Ok so, I have my HDMI from radeon to tv for pc, I know how to set that as a default device for audio.

I also have a logitech 5.1 analog surround sound system plugged into my motherboard, I know also how to make that a default device.

Problem is I want sound out of my TV speakers and my 5.1 surround at the same time, but setting either the HDMI to default or the 5.1 surround to default only produces audio in the selected one.

How can I get Audio through BOTH the HDMI hookup tv speakers and the 5.1 surround plugged into my motherboard.

Thanks in advance
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  1. 3 possibilities:

    [1] You could try connecting your 5.1 to the motherboard via an spdf, then connect on-board sound to the TV input w/ the appropriate cables.

    [2] Connect the 5.1 to the television thru spdf or analogue.

    [3] If you have an external Amplifier, connect it to both the TV & 5.1, & then to the motherboard onboard.
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