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My Sisters Computer Is Running On 512mb Ddr 2 Ram And On Top Of That Its Running On A Igp. Even I Know That's Not Good Lol And Her Computer Runs Realy Slow So I'm Gonna Buy Her Some Ram, I'm Thinking Of Buying
This Http:// . Only Problem Is The Ram I Found In Her Computer Is 1.8 Supply Voltage
And The One I'm Gonna Buy Is 2v. Will This Make It Not Compatible?, I'm New To This So I Don't Rly Know. My Sister Has A
Geforce6100sm-m V1.0a Mobo. Also Was One More Thing I Wanted To Ask Will It Be Ok With Just One Stick That's Whats In There Now So I I'magine So. Thanks For Any Help U Can Provide :)
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  1. In general, do not mix-match RAM {Speed, CAS Timings, Voltage, or Type {including chip/side, etc.}. If it were 'me' I would either get a 2x1GB KIT {32-bit OS} or 2x2GB Kit {64-bit OS}.

    ref - ECS GeForce6100SM-M (1.0A)
    Good 'budget' RAM is Crucial
    (ECS) GeForce6100SM-M (1.0) -

    (ECS) GeForce6100SM-M2 (V1.0A)
  2. ok thanks but i wasnt planning using the 512mb stick thats allrdy in there. i was gona install one 2gb stick and leave one slot open incase they wanted to upgrade to 4gb in the future. so its best to buy 2x1gb? so i cant go with the one 2gb 2v i listed above? (i think in performance wise it would run beter even with one stick then it is running atm)
    p.s i dont mind sacraficing a bit of performance thx :)
  3. My concern is your ability to 'perfectly' match the FUTURE second RAM stick with the first. Since this is a Dual Channel with ONLY 2-Slots and 4GB is the Goal {future}, do yourself a favor and get a Dual Channel {matched} kit of 2X2GB now vs risking a compatibility or mis-match later and possibly needing to dispose of the 2GB stick later.

    Dual Channel is VERY finicky {same with Tri Channel}, the KITS are NOT just sold that way by accident. Production - off the SAME assembly line the sticks are tested and placed into several BINS {Matched} and sold as sets. Daily I see 4-8 mis-matched problems and I'm having to tell the people 'sorry' now you have 1 or 2 sticks/sets that don't work together -- you saved $20 to now spend $100 to fix the problem.

    2GB Crucial CT25664AA667
    2GB Crucial CT25664AA667
    May not work 'together' because of BIN disparity. Kits are NOT an accident.
  4. hmm ok i get ur point guess ill just go with 2x1gb because my sis dont want or need 2x2gb she just wants her comp to be a little faster if it was me personly id go with 2x2gb, but can i use the 2v ram? like the one listed above (ill just discard the 512mb)
    Thanks for all your help :D
  5. I'd like to also point out that we have moved on from DDR2 and use DDR3. It will only become harder to find ram and at good prices. If you want to do it, do it now.

    RAM might not be the problem. Make sure you clean the machine of dirt/dust, and any virus that might be in there.
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