P9x79 pro

I am trying to load Vista in raid0 on 2 WD SATA 6gb black hd's.
I have a asus p9x79 pro mb with the latest bios. Orom
samsung sata dvd drive

when Vista first starts loading it asks " A required cd/dvd drive device is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, cd, dvd or usb flash drive please insert it now"

I used the flash drive that I created with the asus dvd that came with the mb and it installed the "Inter c600 series chipset sata raid controller" this allowed the installation to continue.

Then it asked for the product key, then licence, then type of install then where do you want to install.

At this point there were no disks to install to so I click "load drivers" and select the Intel c600 one again, but still no disks.

Here is the funny thing, when I try to load windows 7, it does detect the disk in the "where do you want to install" screen without having to load the c600 drivers a second time. It's just there.

I need to load vista because my win 7 is an upgrade copy and it won't even let me put the product key in "says it is not valid"

I hope someone can help me with this.
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  1. just an update, win 7 loads fine if I skip the product key, but I know that won't last so I still need to get vista going.
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