Cooling and Overclocking Phenom x4 965 BE

I am going to be over clocking my CPU. The Phenom x4 965 BE. I am running it at stock voltage,clock CPU cooler,stock clock


CPU:Phenom x4 965 BE
Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A DS3
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  1. Psu:cx500
    case: aerocool 6th element

    I want to overclock my processor to about 3.8ghz at first then on to 4ghz. I want some advice on what cpu cooler i should get. Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo Tower Cooler for CPU or the 212 or anything else? i built this myself. i don't think other specs are relevant.

    i had trouble with thread so thats why its 2 posts.
  2. Between those two, I recommend the 212 EVO. The TX2 is rated for 95w of heat dissipation, which you will exceed when overclocking.
  3. ok thanks. Ill go for that. My power source is ok is it not?. i am running a 7770 oc.
  4. It'll do. Not a very good PSU, but not godawful, eitehr.
  5. cost me 50 quid xD. i thought corsair was reliable. is the power not good or just the psu as a whole?
  6. A company called Channel Well makes the CX series for Corsair, and the quality of the units are mediocre at best, except for the CX430, which is oddly a well-built PSU.
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