Final Checks, Please help :D

Hello, this is going to be my build so far, please check or suggest if anything better, thanks =)

Hardware not needed: Monitor, Mice, Keyboard, OS, Video Card, Case.

Hard Drive:



Memory / RAM:

Is this good.? i don't want my budget to go over $900..

Plus, what Power Supply should I use? I will be getting one or two of those GF 100 Nvidia will Release soon. ^.^ Ty!
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  1. lol, sweet man. thanks =D
  2. so 750W of PSU will run that and Two GF 100? lol
  3. Adding Liquid Cooling too... one of those with the Big Radiators...
  4. EDIT: Well I dont see any mention of liquid cooling in your 1st post...It will be better if you say that before hand...

    ^ Yes it should be able too...But there are been a lot of speculations about the power requirements of the GTX 480, which is said to be a power hog...
    If you have planned to overclock the CPU and the GPUs as well, then an 850W might be a good bet...
  5. Alrighty :) Thanks!
  6. Will be watercooling the CPU alone or plan for the graphic cards as well ?
    If Yes, then 1kW PSU might be needed...
    Or even this Corsair 950TX should do...

    Other options

    Note that some are modular, hence cable management will be easier...
  7. CPU alone its enough I think, the case i have is the Antec Twelve Hundred...
    Yes i was looking at that 950TX cause everything else is sold out..
  8. ^ If you have Antec 1200, then you can check out this PSU -
    Antec CP 850W - It fits only certain Antec cases like the 1200 and P183...And also water cooling for just the CPU alone, even a 850W would suffice...
  9. they also make the antec cp 1000
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