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P55 Addon PCIEx4 bandwidth limit??

So i have an ASUS Maximus III Formula p55 motherboard, and i have the PCIex1 slot occupied with the dedicated sound card, and the x16 slot occupied with my gtx470 graphics card.

If i were to occupy the PCIEx4 lane with would that limit the bandwidth on my GPU?

if you look here
under the expansion options, you will see that it does not say anything about 2 add on cards in a PCIE slot.

so if i were to add that PCIEx4 card in the PCIEx4 slot on my motherboard would that bring the bandwidth of my GPU slot from x16 to x8??

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    I wouldn't go tossing the USB Card into one of your Red PCIe slots, but no it won't effect your GPU lane.

    The 'effect' is when you're running data through the USB and GPU; the effect is 'bottlenecking' the CPU and not the PCIe. So if you're planning on playing a Game while copying a HDD from USB 3 - yeah, it will drop the performance because of the CPU not the PCIe.

    Intel PCI Express Configurations 1x16, 2x8 -corresponds-> ASUS 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (red) support single at x16 or dual at x8 mode
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  3. thank you very much, i would be putting it in the white PCIex4 lane not one of the red ones :D. cheers mate.
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