Which temperature reading is the most accurate?

I've been reading quite a number of threads around the web about how different temperature monitoring programs display different temperatures, and it seems to me that the culprit for the discrepancies happens to be what temperature tjMax is set at.

For the longest time, I've been referring to HWMonitor for my temps, which are currently at 46-48 during idle and 57-59 at full load. However, I decided to download other common apps, namely Speedfan, Asus Probe, RealTemp and CoreTemp, and there are quite a number of discrepancies. Here's a screenshot:

HWMonitor (and PC Wizard, which I would assume uses the same code as both are from CPUID) reports 44 and 46 degrees for my core temperatures.

RealTemp concurs with this and also reports 44 and 46.

Oddly, CoreTemp doesn't report the usual 10ºC delta (either higher or lower), but instead shows 41 and 39 degrees, a 5ºC change.

SpeedFan on the other hand, reports temps 10ºC lower at 36 and 34 degrees.

On a side note, PC Wizard, HWMonitor, SpeedFan and Asus Probe report the same 38º CPU temp.

Now the question is, which of these should I believe?

And just to follow up on that, once I know which is the accurate temperature reading, how do I adjust the tjMax (or whatever I have to adjust) of the other programs so that they all report identical temperatures?

Additional Info:

My processor is an E6550m, G0 revision. What should the actual tjMax be for this processor?

Thanks for the help and time :)
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  1. I can't answer all your questions but i'll just relate to you what i'm using for temp monitoring.

    Along with my mobo bios temp reading i use Real Temp and Core Temp
    in my case all the readings are identical.

    Be aware that temp apps are freeware and can be buggy and some may not support your cpu

    i go by my mobo bios temp readings and use the other apps for ease of use and comparison

    Intel says max temp of 72 degrees celcius for your cpu
  2. Same here, I have run Everest, SpeedFan, HWmonitor and Sandra, all report the same temp. They dont all update at the same time however. I found Sandra to be buggy so I have to exclude it as reliable. Strangely, my BIOS reports higher temps than the apps did, but it difficult to compare them in load states.
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