Intel q8400 gaming performance

Dear friends, i just bought a Intel quad q8400.
How is this chip in terms of gaming. I use it along with xfx nvidia geforce 9600 gt.
Will this suffice for today's upcoming games like crysis 2,mass effect3 etc.,etc.
please give me any links related to this if any comes to your mind.
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  1. Please friends reply
  2. Q8400 is good enough for gaming. just make sure you have one of the new generation GPU. ATI 5770 or 5850 is the best choice
  3. A 9600GT isn't a powerful GPU. Crysis 2 or ME3 hasn't even come out yet so...

    A 9600GT will play ME2 on high with lowered resolution, and Crysis 1 on medium-high with lowered resolutions.
  4. Bluescreendeath, I play ME2 with 4xAA with high settings on 1024*768 resolution on my crt 17". I plan to buy a 20" lcd with native 1600*900 resolution. Can i play ME2 wih high settings no AA on 1600*900 or 1440*768 with my XFX 9600 gt [MODEL NO:
    PV -T96G- YNF3. can i overclock it and will it affect the life of the card. can i get the specs of a nvidia 96 w version. Please reply fast
  5. I just upgarded my Pentium D to a Q8400 Core 2 Quad and I play a few games on rather high settings with it.I am not sure the exact settings in most games the only game I am sure I have maxed out atm is WoW. I play a lot of Battle Field Bad Company 2 thou and have never seen a spot of lag. I also have a XFX GTS250 with 1gig of on board mem. It's a good CPU for the money with a good amount of over clock abality and I am just starting to overclock. Hope this helped sorry for some bad spelling.
  6. the Q 8400 will suffice, more even, will be great.
    Byt 9600 gt, which i had b4 is not that great for gaming on high gpu demanding games..
  7. Quote:
    Cpu is good but your gpu is a crap.So no future gaming.

    Thats not a nice way to tell him that abt his gpu -.-
  8. Quote:
    Well truth is always hard to swallow.

    Can't disagree here though-
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