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Whenever my PC boots after a few reboots the system just freezes at startup scrren with intel logo, it keeps displaying the post message "EB"
for a long time and then proceeds to boot. If I press reset button to interrupt this 'hang' it again behaves the same way after reboot until it has taken it's time. Then I found out that if it goes into freeze mode after a few reboots and I press teh escape button as soon as pc starts, it ignores the freeze/check? How can I stop this annoying behaviour/feature?

CPU - i7 860, mobo-Intel DH55HC, 2 SATA hdd, no raid.

Many Thanks.
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  1. See if there is an option to enable quick-boot in BIOS. Alternatively, you could disable the self-check at startup (also in BIOS).
  2. thx, however it seems like a problem with all DH55 chipsets.
    I had try to update bios but it performed worst, today I read somewhre that new version solves that particular problem, just hour ago I updated bios...will wait for a few reboots to check if all is fine.
  3. It stilll does that...I hate intel, didn't expect this from them :pfff:
    Although the update has reduced the frequency.
  4. Sorry, dude, not much to do then...
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