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Hey guys I have about 6+ terabytes of data to store.

Should I build a raid-5 array of five 2TB drives (8 out of 10 terabytes available) or four 3TB drives (9 out of 12 terabytes available) ???

I've looked at btrfs, but that doesn't seem ready yet.
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  1. What are you going to do with the space? Is size, speed, future expansion or redundancy most important?
  2. low cost and future expansion
  3. Well cost you will just have to look at, the cost per/gb is prob going to be a bit lower on the 2tb drives. Expansion wise you can can obviously end up with a higher total amount if you use the 3Tb drives, and have a finite amount of drive spaces.
  4. Have you looked into a NAS device?
  5. foscooter said:
    Have you looked into a NAS device?

    I just stick all of the drives in an old computer running linux in the basement. It's my 24/7 fileserver. Also because it's on all the time I tell it do things like run all my automated scripts, scan rss feeds for torrents so It can auto-download them the hour they are released.
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