I7 2600k and MSI z77a-g45

im still trying to fix a cold boot from only when turned off for many hours, tried reseting cmos and everything to stock it worked fine but i did not wait multiple hours to test the cold boot in that situation

I'm st ill concerned on vdroop, and pll, many people say to change it many say set to auto many say never set to auto at 4.4ghz

Does anyone else have my hardware? Can anyone else guide me or post some links, google obviously is a battle to try to find information due to the threads like mine

i7 2600k @ 4.4GHz v1.300 // MSI Z77A-G45 // Corsair Vengeance 4x4GB PC15000 DDR3-1866MHz // eVGA GeForce GTX 550Ti OC 1GB // Samsung 830 SSD // Thermaltake TR2 750W
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  1. I'd disable the internal PLL. I hear it causes issues similar to what you described, and is only useful for huge overclocks. 4.4 shouldn't need it.

    I wish your voltages weren't hidden on HWMonitor there!

    But your vdroop compensation is at 100%. I think 80% should be enough. First, I'd disable PLL. That should fix your issue. The vdroop thing is just something I'd suggest lowering if it spikes your voltage too high at load.

    This guide taught me to overclock, and it applies to your CPU. The motherboard settings are more or less the same.

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