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i need help replacing a hard drive for an acer 5100 i have the new one i put it in and it just keeps restarting.... i see the acer screen tries to start then goes to the screen that says start windows normally or safe mode...
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  1. Is it a main/only drive or an additional storage unit?
    make sure the new drives recognised in your bios,
    It may be that you need to format and install windows on your new drive.
  2. im replacing the old one its shot.... i do see the hd in the bios how do i go about formatting it
  3. If you go to install windows on the new drive when you have it in the system, it will prompt you to partition the drive as part of the installion,
    unless anyone else chips in, I reckon thats your best course of action,
  4. i cant even get there.... the pc boots up i see the acer screen then i see just a glimps of windows starting up and it reboots again the next screen is start windows normally or safe mode or last know good configuration.
  5. So the new drive has windows on it already? how did you install it on there?
    anyhoo, to install windows on the new one, set your bios to boot from cd,
    install the hdd in the system its going into,
    power up and immediately get the windows cd in the drive, you may need to reboot again if it misses the boot though,
    then just follow the instructions to install windows and partitioning/formatting is part of that process, I'll look back later see how you get on :)
  6. and im back already ok i set it to boot from cd after i start to see the widows trying to start im gettin a very fast blue screen and its gone then the safe mode screeen where on top it says widows failed to start. a recent hardware or saftware change might be the cause... booting grldr reseting the boot drive appears after i hit start windows normally... this is frustrating any possiblity the new hdd is no good
  7. it is a possibility, do you have another rig you can put that drive into?
    if its booting from the windows cd, it should first go to a choice screen, repair/reinstall etc, it shouldnt try to boots windows at all
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