MSI P7N Sli not working

Hello, I have a MSI P7N SLI MOBO that has been having a CMOS CHECKSUM error for a while now and I have not been able to fix it. Since the problem started the only way I can get it to boot up is to reset CLR_CMOS. If I didnt then my monitor would not turn on. I have changed battery, changed ram around and its now giving me a headache.

Now today it got worse, now i cant even boot it up at all even after clr_cmos. I just get a blank screen.

Q9660 CPU
Antec 500w PSU
nvidia 9600GT GPU
6 GB RAM (2 sets) 2x2GB patriot and 2x1GB pny

nothing has been overclocked
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  1. Have you been getting the CMOS checksum error ever since you tried to update your BIOS?

    If so, my first step would be to try and update BIOS with, frankly, the BIOS the board came with. If that works, it should eliminate the checksum error. If it doesn't work, the odds are good your mobo is dying.
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