T.G.I.n. : nVidia is supposed to "announce" today

Any news on nVidia's announcements ?? Use this thread or start your own!

I just woke up ... haven't even checked the news, yet. Lemme/us know.

= Alvin =

Nothing but pre-announcements, thus far:
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    The toms news article said this evening.
  2. I'd better pack some snacks.
  3. I'll believe it when I see it. Nvidia seems to be all talk right now. A paper launch doesn't count, either. :)
  4. Probably they will show a new Tesla quad Fermi running linux playing crysis at 200FPS in a windows emulator and expect us to be wowed. :p
  5. Well ... the proto/betas are showing up all over the place ... "channel by mid-june" ... Not worth waiting around for ... unless you are a fermi/cuda developer or a nuclear scientist.

    = Al =
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