Maybe insuffecient power supply?

I don know if this is the right category but:

I recently bought a DVD rw Drive, SATA, as an upgrade from my CD only drive which is IDE. After turning it on and as the windows 7 logo is loading, it restarts. It will always restart when in the win 7 loading part. The drive is brand new so i dont think it's the problem.

Maybe it's the power supply not being enough? Coz if i remove the drive, everything works fine.
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  1. I dont know what's my PSU... Master? I didnt change anything in my bios. Now there's another problem! After still getting the restarts, i got fed up and removed for the DVD-RW drive altogether so i can use my PC again, but now it still restarts just the same!.. Now i cant use my PC!

    BTW, now if i reconnect my DVD-RW drive to the PSU, nothing happens. I mean when i first tried the drive it worked, i can open and close the drive bay. Now, it doesnt even light up to show that it's working. I cant open it and the bios does not even see the drive connected. I tried interchanging the wiring to see if that's the problem coz i bought a generic SATA power cable for my drive but it works with my HDD.

    sorry for the long posts. i just dont know what to do anymore.
  2. Best you can hope for is possibly you disconnected something while inside, check all the connections cpu fan maybe you bumped one of the ram clips. Anything that you may have come close to during the removal and install.
    Also I would do what Timop suggested, look in bios for anything that may have gotton reset, make sure sata mode is set to IDE unless you changed it and check the boot order.
    Sounds like the DVD is toast though.
  3. how can it be toast? i didnt even smell something burnt, (i would know coz i fried my WIFI router one time).

    i tried fiddling with all the cables and trying one ram stick at a time to make sure it's not the problem.. but to no avail.
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