9800 GT SC & 7600 GT OC in SLI? - Multi-GPU Noob

Just thought I'd throw out an easy lob to the experts out there;

Can you run the 9800 GT and the 7600 GT together in SLI?

My main concern is whether the 7600 is maybe too old to be compatible with the 9800??

I haven't tried it out yet as I am shopping for a new ATX mobo for a custom gaming PC...

Also, while I'm asking, maybe someone has some advice for picking a good mobo for going dual Nividia GPU's? -words of caution, hidden costs or must-have specs? FYI -I'm thinking AM3, DDR3, full ATX....

Thanks in advance (be gentle) :p
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  1. Sorry but this is a no go period. In order sli to work both card must be of the same generation and gpu core. So if you want to sli and got the appropriate board you must have either another 9800gt or 7600gt since ge Geforce7 is weak another 9800gt is needed for sli.
  2. Yeah, you can't SLI those 2. 8800GT and 9800GT may be possible as they are based on the same processor but I'm not even sure about that.
    To SLI on a AM3 motherboard I believe you will need one with an NVidia chipset. In general I would recommend against it unless you already have the 9800GT. ATI/AMD video cards are in general a better value at this point and AMD chipsets are generally considered to be superior. The selection of AM3 motherboards that can use crossfire will also be much larger. In either case you will want a board where the second PCIe slot works in at least x8 mode during SLI/crossfire.
  3. Thanks a bunch for the information,

    I'm in the process of piecing a gaming system together in the next few months and the only part that I'm carrying over from my old machine is my 9800GT, which I'd like to get a little more mileage out of..

    I'm partial to AMD CPUs, but have more experience with Nvidia GPUs...Though I've never put the two together in a gaming pc before, which was my inclination. Honestly, I'm not stuck on riding aging Nvidia cards to death, but the 9800 hasn't held my games back at all yet, just everything else in my system!

    Maybe I'll see if I can squeeze a good Radeon card into the budget, with plans for Crossfire in the future or put an Nvidia mobo with a decent intergrated graphics in it for SLI with the 9800...

    Thanks again, guys :D
  4. Well the single 9800GT is still pretty good at lower resolutions(1280x1024 or lower.) Or you could grab an HD5770 which would be a nice upgrade. It's on par with the GTX 260 on the Nvidia side but significantly cheaper($150ish) and has a number of other advantages as well(DX11, much greater power efficiency, 3 monitor support, ect.) It also scales very well in crossfire if you get a board that is capable. Two would give performance similar to an HD5870 which is a $400 card.
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