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How Much Silver Is Enough?

Hey guys, I just bought Dazmode's silver killcoil
And I was wonderingif that wire is enough? The watercooling kit I'm using is the XSPC Raystorm RX360 and looking at the silver, it really just looks like a long peice of hair, maybe a bit thicker. Lastly, where would be the best place to put it?
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    Its not so much the silver itself that kills the bacteria, but the ionization of it. So it doesn't overly matter how much you have. That being said have a decent amount, coil it around your finger a few times, that much-ish.

    Best place would be around the downstream radiator port, as chances are thats furthest away from any the pump and PSU, some tests around here have shown that the closer the silver is to those, the faster your tubing will cloud.
    Though really, any place where its in contact with the water and wont get into any blocks or the pump is fine. I just have mine sitting in my reservoir.
  2. Make sure it DOES NOT get into your pump or flow out of your radiator!!!
  3. Maybe get a bit of fishing line, tie the silver to the line, and when you screw the fill cap on the res back on, just trap the fishing line in the fitting.
    Would mean that the Silver wont go anywhere, and allows for easy removal later.
  4. Its 25Cm of silver wire, so theres plenty of option here, curl/spiral it so it just sits in your tubing or reservoir, I wouldn't use fishing line because that risks chewing the thread on the res or just cutting the line,
  5. Thanks guys, should it be pretty obvious where to put it if I place it in my rad?
  6. Not in the rad, that can cause issues, but wrapped around one of the barbs on it.
    On second thought its probably a better move to have it on the intake barb than the outtake, as it cant go anywhere if it becomes loose.

    Though if it becomes too difficult to get it around the barb and still put the tubing on, just put it in the res in and bend it in such a way that it wouldn't be able to get out or into the pump. Though chances are it will act like my kill-coil and just sit at the bottom anyway.
  7. Alright, thanks
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