SVP200S3/90G weird ATTO result

I just bought a brand new Kingston SVP200S3/90G SSD and I ran some tests on it... i got strange results...
Check this:




My config:
2x KHX1600C9D3B1K2/8GX

BIOS ver : F12 (latest)
SSD Firmware : 501 (latest)
Intel RST driver installed

TRIM works. Partition align is okey.

The ATTO result is worrisome. :o Write speed is fall back after the 32-64 KB...
The AS SSD and the Crystal test are showing slow write speed too.

Why? :/
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  1. Your motherboard has 4 6Gb/s ports. Verify that your drive is connected to one of the Intel 6Gb/s ports (SATA3_0 or SATA3_1), not to one of the Marvell 6Gb/s ports (GSATA3_5 or GSATA3_6).
  2. Yes, I know. Its connected to the Intel SATA3_0 port.
  3. Advertised speeds for your drive are "up to" 535MB/s Read and 480MB/s Write using ATTO software. Your Reads are above advertised specs but something is wrong with your Writes.

    Go to Device Manager. Click on Disk Drives. Right-click on your SSD and select Properties. Select the Policies tab. You should see an option that says "Enable write caching on the device". If it’s unchecked then check it and click "ok".
    If it’s checked then uncheck it and click ok, then check it and click ok.

    Reboot your system and re-run ATTO.

    ATTO uses highly compressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
    AS-SSD & CrystalDiskMark use highly incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.

    AS-SSD & CrystalDiskMark results will always be lower than ATTO.
  4. Done. Same results... :/ Ive never seen any ATTO result like this :/
    The write speed reach ~450MB/s at 64 kb data transfer and then fall back to ~250MB/s....
  5. Your result makes sense when you think about it. As your scale up the transfer size in ATTO, the probability that the transfer will need to garbage collect is higher. The OEMs perform those tests on empty drives.
  6. Sorry, don't know what else to suggest. Hopefully other members will get your issue resolved.
  7. This is my friends test result:

    Almost same drive : SVP200S3/120G, and its not empty. Its his system disk.
    I red the smaller SSDs are a little bit slower than the larges, but not that much... :/
  8. How full is your disk? A very full or recently stressed drive will exhibit the behavior you're seeing. That's why OEMs get the highest numbers by using blank disks to benchmark.
  9. I have more than 60GB free space, and its 1 month "old".
  10. Any other idea? The problem unsolved ... :/
  11. Have you tried connecting the drive to the 2nd Intel 6Gb/s port (SATA3_1)?
  12. Yes I tried. Same result.
    I will try format the ssd again... I dont have any other ideas.
  13. Secure Erase the drive, don't manually format it. Let Windows format it automatically during the installation process.
    Make sure the SSD is the only drive connected during the installation process.
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