PC shuts down in stress - Advice requested

Hello to all.
While running Mass Effect 2 on my PC I repeatedy encountered incidents of total shut downs from my PC. (Ranging from half an hour into the game to three minutes).
While recognising this effect as a symptom for a bug in the program I updated the game (didn't help) and looked for solutions on the web for a similar phenomenon with one of these suggesting that it might be a hardware problem causing this.

So i run a stress test for my CPU and it did cause the computer to shutdown after no more the a couple of minutes.
I also took on myself to look at the PCs vitals and here are the results during full stress. (CPU temp. seems pretty high to me):

My specs. are:
Intel quad q6600 (2400Ghz)
DFI Infinity BloodIron P35-T2RL
2GB of RAM DDR2 (800)
nVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX
--The PSU is from (I think) a generic brand (but true value of Watts)- Topower 450W

I never before encountered such a thing on this PC that I can remember. Until now it run without any problems running high end games. The PC is about, just less than, 2 years old now.

Now it's quite obvious to me that there is indeed something wrong with some item of my hardware.
My question is, is there any way as to identify what the cause might be? CPU or PSU?

Thanks for any help, Tom.
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  1. I have no real sollution for this, but my PC has the same problem.
    Also an old build, that one day started doing this...
    I tried everything, and my closest guess is that my laser printer
    killed the PSU with power-surges. My house has a very old power
    system, and the PSU has no MOV built in so it might have been the problem.

    A few months ago, I bought a new (but also mid-grade) PSU and things
    were solved, no more shutdowns / restarts / etc. for some weeks.
    Than I used the printer again, and the same day shutdowns came back.

    So here I am again, browsing this threads. :hello:

    No visible temperature or voltage problems btw.
    Good luck for us!
  2. wtf no temperature problems? am i missing something here, that pic shows temps of 95 degrees, that fking way too high if its correct and thats the reason it shuts down under stress.

    Is this thread a joke?

    Anyway, if indeed them temps are correct your damaging the cpu running it at that temp.

    Take the pc apart, clean all fan and visable dust, remove the heat sink from the cpu and clean the old thermal paste off the cpu and the heatsink. reapply some decent thermal paste like artic silver 5. Replace the heatsink and make sure its secured correctly.

    For temps be that high i suspect you either have no thermal paste or the heatsink is not on properly or the fan is fudged.

  3. fail this is like 4 months old, the pc is prob dead now he been running on those temps
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