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OK , my video driver for the ATI Graphics card keeps deleting everytime I shut my computer off and reboot ... the screen comes up the icons are huge and distored. When I try to do and update through the START , All PROGRAMS , windows update its not there I have to manually go to Microsoft web site .

How can I get my display drivers to stay loaded? is this a virus ? I am using a GATE WAY wide screen monitor ...

If anyone can help that would be great and thanks in advance
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  1. Um tell me how you shut off your computer, is it by holding the power button until the light turns off?
  2. LOL NO NO .... I go to start , shut down ...
  3. What OS do you have, in XP in which the start button actually says start its update tool is embedded in Internet Explorer, in Vista and above you get a window without IE.
  4. I have Windows Microsoft windows XP Professional version 2020 service pack 3
  5. OPPSS thats version 2002 sorry
  6. Did you go to the AMD website down;oad Catalyst and then resrart the computer/
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