Really high temps?

these are my idle temps @ 4.0Ghz with coolermaster V6

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  1. 30C is not high at all...
  2. but look at the max idle temps
  3. that may have boosted up when you were execution a program...
    but 56C idle is not good at all
  4. I ran prime 95 for 30 minutes and the stayed below 65C so I think i'm alright. is 4.0GHz enough for gaming or should I go higher?
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    yes, you are alright :)
    You dont really need to OC to play games as games rely on your graphics card... but if want to overclock, go ahead...

    Stop overclocking when your CPU temps on load are above 75C
  6. alright, i think i might get around 4.5-7 but 4.5 is more than enough for me.
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