Should i make my newer ssd my boot drive?

greetings all!
my current rig:
cpu: i5 2500k running at 4.2mhz,
mobo: msi p67-gd65
ram: 8gigs 1600 ddr3
gpu: gtx 570

currently i have an 80 g vertex 2 as my boot drive. I recently purchased an agility 3 120 (getting ready for diablo 3:) )and ran hd tune to see the difference.
the agility had an average trans rate of 285 vs the old vertex 141. access time was .147 ms vs .2 and the burst rate was 272.7 vs 142 on the old dry.
here are my questions for the community
1) does the fact that i am already running the os off the old one bring down it's numbers in anyway? the new drive has nothing on it at all during these tests. just formatted it
2) this is still a lot slower than the "up to" on msi's spec sheet. any advise on tweeking that? i suspect that this is already addressed on the forum but was wondering if anyone has a particular favorite thread
3) is it worth making this my new drive my boot drive as far as seeing a real world difference in load times, boot up times,ect.
4) any guides to switching the os over to a new drive or is it simply a matter of fresh installing on the new drive and erasing the win directories on the old.
thanks for the input
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  1. 1) No, but you might see different numbers once the drive has some use.
    2) Windows 7 does all the tweaking you need for an SSD, besides turning off or changing the page file and hibernation if you're space-constrained. The difference you see is because the benchmark is testing with incompressible data which the SandForce controller is slower at handling than compressible data (0-fill is completely compressible). In the real world, the performance is between the two.
    3) You probably won't see a huge difference in loading or boot times, maybe a few seconds here and there.
    4) I'd strongly recommend a fresh install on the new drive if you're going that route.
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