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I need to give admin rights to my users, but without the option for them to install any software on their systems. How do I do that?

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  1. HI,

    Go to START >> Control panel >> User Accounts >> Select your user and changed the Account type from Standard to Administrator.
  2. you can do it with regedit or group policy editor...
    what's actually your setup & requirement..
    just to do it in stand alone single windows xp workstation or many win xp workstations or in windows server client setup with windows xp clients...
  3. I have a workgroup of windows xp and windows 7 systems(no domain controller). Some of these users are .net developers and they need admin rights to run their apps on IIS on their local system. With admin rights, they sometimes install their own softwares and bypass IT team. I need to stop such instances by controlling their admin rights by not allowing them to install any software. for installing any software, we should have a separate admin rights with full access.
  4. Remember this will block every one including you and your it team regardless of admin or standard users. if you want to install any software after this you have follow same steps to revert it , then install all software's you need .after completed your work you have to block it .. it time consuming but its only choice for work group pcs without money, i'm not ware of any corporate toold bcz i'm just service engineer not ant corporate IT guy.
    """"""""""" do this after office work hours or in their absence, or else they can revert as they also have admin rights"""""""" kind of funny,but you have to if you need to block them
    for xp
    using regedit
    using group policy gpedit.msc

    for windows 7
    using group policy gpedit.msc
  5. if we are on Active Directory, then we can do it in a more sophisticated way? Can you share any insights on it? Also, I read something on applocker available in Win 7. Does it help?
  6. yeah its nice when you use it on server , also win 7 enterprise & win 7 ultimate has it but never tested..

    what version you got windows 7 pro or enterprise
    ms technet
    """"Windows 7 Professional can be used to create AppLocker rules. However, AppLocker rules cannot be enforced on computers running Windows 7 Professional"""
    you need server OS if you need control or else its messy job
    got some article while searching,
    give a try if you are intrested
  7. thank you all for your help :)
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