Asrock z77 auto overclock? 2500K

So I loaded the auto overclock to 4.6 GHZ changing nothing else beyond turning off speedstepping. Im running the H60 with the push pull configuration. Now I've never been one to run prime95 for hours on end because I really don't care. However the voltage keeps changing and dropping under prime 95 blend test, is this fine on the components? The highest it reaches under full load is 1.384. Should I just set my voltage to stay static? or can I leave it to auto adjust when the load is increased?

At any rate the highest peak temp was 63, while most of the other temps were under 60 on average. Idle temps are around 26

I ran prime 95 for 10 minutes and it was fine, ill probably run it for an hour or so when I have more time. Like I said im not one to run prime for 8-24 hours because I don't care and under real life circumstances this sort of torture would never even occur.
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  1. auto adjust :)
    and your temps are pretty good
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