Will Foxconn MCP73M01H1 (HP/Compaq Napa-GL8E) Support Core 2 Quad?

I have an HP6500f with a Foxconn board MCP73M01H1 (Napa-GL8E) and want to upgrade the processor. Specs say it will only support Core 2 Duo, but I've found that some Compaq systems such as Presario CQ3080AN use the same board but are using the Core 2 Quad Q8200. Does anyone know if all versions of this board can take the Quad core processors, or do they use a special bios etc. to do it and keep the same hardware number? Can't even find this board listed on the Foxconn website. Thanks!

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  1. I doubt it will run a quad, but you can try. It may have a limit of 65 watts for the cpu. Hp's aren't designed for upgrading. Mine had a 250w power supply, which is barely adequate. I wouldn't do it.
  2. Yes it's the Foxconn. I've upgraded the cpu to an E8400 (E8600 is supposedly tops), power supply to a 600w, new hard drives. I can't afford to go to a totally new computer so just looking for a little more cpu if possible. I've been running it this way for about a year now without a problem.
  3. It will work for sure, Iam using a core 2 quad with the same motherboard . For conformation check my pc specs

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